About Drew

Drew’s artistic style is Pop Culture inspired, he also enjoys fine detail and intricate work, but specialises in grey wash with recently starting to enjoy colour.

Drew prides himself on being a versatile artist – with taking the most pleasure creating custom designs, collaborating with customers to create individual pieces of work from both parties combined thoughts, bring him your ideas, the sky’s the limit!

Drew Portrait Photo
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His career started in tattooing back in 2010, always having a dream of being an artist for as long as he can remember. Having always on hand a pencil or pen ready to hand doodle and draw, when he should have been doing his homework.

He was known as that kid that would go to a wedding or party and draw caricatures of the guests just to see their reactions. But that was only when he wasn’t playing video games, A LOT of video games with his favs games and consoles being Mario Bros on Nintendo and Space Quest on an IBM PC. His eyes were glued to the screen and that love of games and being a gamer has never left him.

Drew’s other interests include Comics, Cartoons, Heavy Metal/Alternative music and Movies, all this has influenced him artistically and continues to do so.

When trying to decide on a career his parents encouraged him to further develop his artistic skills by completing a 4 year course of Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts, after which he soon discovered a tattoo machine and the rest as they say is history.

“I am one of those lucky people that can say I truly love my job I cannot imagine my life without tattooing, I am thrilled I am able to make an income and raise my own little family doing something I love everyday! “

Drew’s mother has always had a huge part in my artistic growth, being an Art teacher who showed him the world specifically many different cultures and forms of art.

“I thank her for her continued inspiration, support for my art and never giving up on me.”