About Evan

Whether it be lettering, girly swirly or old school/traditional, Evan likes to do them all and give some helpful input into the design to create an overall piece that the customer is proud to wear. Evan keeps a vast variety of styles and an open mind to cater for his customers design needs with a laid back approach. Specialising in bright and bold style tattoos, he also enjoys black whip shading and grey wash pieces too.

Evan Portrait Photo
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Obsessed with Hotrods, Rock n Roll and low brow art. Evan grew up watching cartoons such as “Ren n Stimpy” and “The Simpsons”. It gave him a twisted sense of humour which in turn came into his drawing mentality. As a child Evan’s mum would sit him on a giant piece of butchers paper and a hand full of crayons and he would draw for hours, as he got older he kept drawing. In his early teens Drew would flip through comic book and hotrod magazine pages and try to draw what he thought looked cool.

After working in warehouse jobs for years since leaving school, Evan had enough and wanted to feed his artistic hunger. An opportunity to eventually become a tattooist came up after drawing tattoo designs for close friends that wanted to get tattooed. With that foot in the door he was able to meet some of the artists at the studio and built a friendly relationship with the guys and 2 years later was taken on as an apprentice under tattoo artist Johnno and begun his tattooing career in 2011 and hasn’t looked back since.